Wrongful Termination: Reasons and Requirements for filing a Lawsuit at the EEOC

Wrongful Termination- Reasons and Requirements for filing a Lawsuit at the EEOC


A lot of cases of wrongful termination happen across the US, wherein most numbers are often found in California. Mainly it occurs because of retaliation from the employer who happens to take it against a worker if they duly report an anomaly inside the company.

Luckily, there are commissions created by the government to protect laborers from these hazards. One of these agencies is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has long been safeguarding employees starting from its founding on July 2 of 1965. The goal of the EEOC is to protect employees from possible hazards brought by abusive companies.

Most of the time these owners do the violations within the different employments processes such as the application, termination, promotion or training. Moreover, their discrimination, which is punishable under the law, includes maltreatment based on invalid reasons like the following:

  • Improper treatment bias because of the workers old age (40 and above)
  • Maltreatment due to the religion
  • Unduly dealings done to an employee because he or she came from a different race
  • Gender discrimination and as well as unfair treatment to pregnant members of the staff

Wrongful termination in California may happen due to different reasons, as aforementioned it may be a result of retaliation. It can occur in wide arrays of motives and the EEOC had determined some of this through handling similar cases in the past. EEOC takes into account that the employee had:

  • Filed a complaint against the company beforehand
  • Expressed discontent towards the anomalous acts inside the company
  • Partakes in an investigation against the business

However, the EEOC can only handle cases of wrongful termination in California under the subsequent protocols:

  • The company must be composed of at least 15 employees
  • There must be 12 persons to complain about age discrimination
  • The workers must be a member of the labor union
  • The workers must be under labor agencies

If any worker happens to fulfill these requirements and had problems regarding wrongful termination in California, then they should readily seek EEOC and hire a lawyer. They will need much assistance since this is a delicate issue, which may also dictate their future chances for employment. Claims that result from winning this form of case could definite compensate for the all the losses that an employee had.


Five Steps that California Workplace Harassment Victims Should Do

Five Steps that California Workplace Harassment Victims Should Do

Despite the fact that sexual harassment in the workplace is not a new topic in the employment sector, still some employees are not aware of the steps they need to do when they experience workplace harassment.

If you believe that you have experienced sexual harassment by your employer, supervisor, or co-employee, it is vital for you to learn the simple yet effective steps to take in order to properly address the issue. The following are the suggested tips for California employees who are victims of sexual harassment:

1. Recognize the harassment practices

Under the law, any unwelcome behavior towards you because of your gender or sex is considered as sexual harassment.

2. Write the details of the incident


It is highly suggested for workplace harassment victims to write down the details of the incident. The documented notes may serve as evidence when pursuing a sexual harassment claim. Make sure to write down the names of the people who witnessed the incident, and the date and time of the harassment act/s.

3. Notify the harasser that the act is unwelcome

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