Terms and Conditions of Employment Discrimination Laws

Terms and Conditions of Employment Discrimination Laws

Employment discrimination has been accounted as one of the many employment-related issues that several attorneys in California have been dealing with. California labor laws were then created so as to safeguard the interests and well-being of employees. Such laws were also intended to conserve their legal rights.

In most cases, employment discrimination happens because of the wrongful acts of some members of a company. With this, both parties (employees and employers) have to know the following terms and conditions of the laws regarding employment discrimination.

  1. Any employee from a different country must be allowed to talk in their native language until the job needs the use of English. Prohibiting the use of foreign language at work should be limited not unless the work requires it.
  1. The workplace needs to be free from any form of harassment by the employers. This form of harassment includes hostile work environment and sexual aggravation.
  1. Selection of employees should be done objectively. No selection must be based on color or race; hence, qualifications should be the thing to consider.
  1. Employers are required to conform to the employee’s needs when it comes to taking care of the disabled. User-friendly workplace environment should be established including desks, special chairs, and ramps. This act is expected to aid the disabled employee in performing better in his or her job.
  1. Employers are expected to allow their employee to spend medical or maternity leaves for at least four months.
  1. The discriminated employees may be compensated. This law allows reinstatement, back pay, and attorney fees.
  1. Employers should not retaliate against a complaint or a future criticism by an employee.

California labor laws should be known and understood by both employees and employers so that pointless events will be avoided. Moreover, a healthy workplace environment will reflect on the performance of everyone in the place of employment.