Discrimination of Pregnant Employees in California

Discrimination of Pregnant Employees in California

The United States’ history is laden with accusations and practices of discrimination but unlike before this has seemingly subsided as people become more open to the differences and uniqueness of each race and individual. However, this does not mean that unjust employment practices had completely disappeared. One example is that of the discrimination in California, where recent news reports affirm the different oppressions that workers face. One of this may include pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination is defined as the deprivation of an expectant mother employee of the various pregnancy benefits.

The different aspects of employment where a pregnant employee might specifically experience discrimination would include that of:

  • Application
  • Hiring
  • Promotion
  • Wages
  • Leaves
  • Training
  • Termination

However, this is not limited to the aforementioned. Throughout the years, there have been recorded instances that clearly state how pregnant employees are being discriminated against within the on workplaces by abusive employers. These include the following:

  • Not adjusting the employee  workload
  • Limiting the salary of the pregnant employee
  • Not hiring an applicant because she is pregnant
  • Not promoting an employee because she is expectant
  • Making policies that tends to favor the non-pregnant employees over pregnant ones

Discrimination in California is strictly prohibited specially for the specific aforementioned type of employees. It is stated in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 that these workers must be given equal rights. It is therefore important that they should be able to assert their rights.

“At-will” employment which is prevalent in this state should not be an excuse for employers to discriminate against pregnant workers. The welfare of the life of any child and mother is more important than anything else such as work. As citizens of the United States, every American should be able to live comfortable in a democratic and just setting.