The Importance of Understanding Various California Employment Laws

The Importance of Understanding Various California Employment Laws

At-will employment is common in almost all of employment sites in the state of California. However, such policy has caused a lot of debate due to its seemingly unfair nature. This is for the reason that an “at-will” employment means that an employer can terminate an employee at anytime he wants on whatever reason except on illegal one.

Meanwhile, according to the counter protest that had been voiced out by the opposing group, employees have the same privileges such as resigning out of work whenever they feel necessary but of course, just like the owner, they must do legally.

It is recommended that employees and employers alike will do their research regarding their rights. They must understand the California employment laws beforehand so that they technically arm themselves against negative events that they might get into in the future.

Abusive employers may do power tripping over this policy. Others take advantage of it and use it to oppress certain workers. Among the acts that were determined through the years and were proven as forms of abuse in “at will” employment includes that of taking the benefits of the laborers, changing their wages or alternatively, lessening their payments.

The Duties of Employers and Employees


The government has long thought of these and made laws to counter such troubles. They have created provisions under the California employment laws, which citizens could use in court. More so, the employees can read their handbooks to seek references regarding the illegal acts or the violations that were done to them by the employers.

On the other hand, employers should be warned from time to time about the things that they should not do through the handbook. Also, the contract is another proof. Workers need to be sure that they read what is written on these documents so that they fully understand their duties. Being able to comprehend what is indicated would mean that both parties fully know their limitations once faced with miscommunications or administrative problems.


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