Pre-employment Screening: Understanding Its Functions

Pre-employment Screening: Understanding Its Functions

Pre-employment screening is usually done before accepting an applicant for a specific post. It is one of the strategies of hiring personnel in order to determine whether or not the applicant is qualified.

The prime reason why pre-employment screening is considered necessary is to verify the qualifications of applicants. However, skills and capacities to do the job are not the only areas of consideration in the probing. Personality background of applicants may also be taken into consideration. The legal capacity of employment law attorneys may then be needed, as the “screeners” have to be thorough in the screening.

Meanwhile, here are the key areas in which pre-screening background works.

  • It describes and sets limitations of uncertainty in the hiring process. Although impression and instinct during the hiring process are essential, a decision made based on concrete information is far way better than any other basis.
  • Conducting a pre-screening program encourages applicants to feel at ease during the interview.
  • Doing a pre-screening can deter applicants with their plans of hiding something. An individual with a criminal record or fake resume will simply apply to a company that does not conduct pre-screening.
  • A screening program shows that an employer has made his or her duty of conforming to the needed thoroughness, which provides a great deal of legal protection in the event of a lawsuit.

In addition, in conducting a pre-employment screening, checking criminal records is a great example. It helps to achieve safe hiring. There has been estimation that 10 percent of job applicants have criminal conviction records relevant to the hiring process. With the absence of the pre-screening program, statistics have also spoken that a company will hire someone with a criminal record.

Such record is generally checked by having qualified researchers who visit courthouses where the applicant has resided or worked.