Discover the Protections Provided by Title VII

Discover the Protections Provided by Title VII

All employees have the rights to get legal assistance from employment law attorneys whenever they feel being discriminated in their workplaces. Considering discrimination as one of the recurring employment issues, employees and employers alike have to be careful of their actions; otherwise, either of them might face a lawsuit.

The main goal of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is to protect employees against employment discrimination based on any of the protected classes classified as:


  • ·         Color
  • ·         Race
  • ·         National origin
  • ·         Gender
  • ·         Ethnic group
  • ·         Religion
  • ·         Age
  • ·         Disability
  • ·         Sexual orientation


Protections under the Title VII


Application, hiring, and promotion

Employers have to be aware that the requirements and qualifications needed for a vacant position should uniformly apply to all applicants. Defiance of such mandate is equal to a violation of the law.

Harassment Any offensive act, ethnic slur, comment, racial gag, and other unlawful harassment in the company should not, in any way, occur. An offender who is found guilty of such wrongful act may face legal charges regardless of his or her position.


Compensation and other employment terms and conditions

Title VII prohibits discrimination in compensation and other conditions, benefits, and privileges. Any form of discrimination based on any of the protected classes is not allowed.


Employees have the right to voice out what they believe are unlawful conducts inside the company without the fear of being retaliated.


Classification or isolation of employees

Title VII is violated when minor personnel are segregated by isolating them physically from other employees, or from customers. It is clearly stated in the Title VII that putting minor employees away from others is prohibited. Furthermore, it is illegal to eliminate minorities from certain positions or to sort them out only because they belong to lower positions.


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