The Prohibited Act of Religious Discrimination

The Prohibited Act of Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination is one of the most peculiar types of workplace bias that employers commit. It is described as the unfair treatment of a worker due to his or her religious beliefs and practices. To combat this, the federal government signed into law the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, a landmark piece of legislation that protects employees from various types of workplace discrimination. Aside from this, the law also protects the spouses of these people who might be subjected to maltreatment due to their affiliation with their loved ones.

California can be cited as an example of a state that implements this kind of ruling over its residents and labor force. Religious discrimination is very likely to happen in California since it is highly urbanized and is considered as a cradle for most American industries. More than that, people of different cultures have opted to reside in this area, and there might be a clash of beliefs.

Under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, every citizen of the United States has the freedom to choose and perform his or her religion. Also, employers with 15 or more employees are prohibited by the law to make discriminatory acts or policies. And one of the possible actions that employers might commit is through creating policies that will single out employees with a different faith.

Further, under Title VII every covered employer is required to observe the following provisions:

  • Employers must never provide lesser or more favor towards any applicant or employee due to that person’s religion.
  • An employer must not force an employee to join a religion or participate in a religious gathering as a condition to be employed.
  • Employers should make reasonable accommodations for workers practicing different religious beliefs, and should guarantee that such reasonable accommodations will not give the latter undue hardship.
  • Employers must create policies within their companies to prevent the possibility of religious discrimination.

The law does not permit discrimination, no matter what type. An employee who has fallen victim towards this kind of prejudice should readily seek help from authorities or professionals such as lawyers.

California employment discrimination cases are highly complex; however, it can be far easier through the aid of wise counsels who are adept in the field of law. Employees who experienced discriminatory acts should not keep mum about their injustice, but must report their ordeals to proper authorities to have the chance to compensate for their losses.