Proving Company Violations

Businessman in wheelchair using laptop in modern lobby

Disability discrimination is one of the most prevalent issues debilitating the state of employment in United States. It is still prevalent these days, even though the government had already created agencies that will handle solely such concerns. One of these government agencies is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC has handled cases before, which reflects how the rights of workers are deeply violated. One of these includes that of a construction worker with neck impairment who was not provided with reasonable accommodation. This male employee worked for two and half years, but was terminated just after asking for a reasonable accommodation. Imagine the devastation that this employment decision has brought to the life of that worker.

This kind of treatment towards people with disabilities shows that some companies still think that they could escape the hand of the law. Sometimes, owners, supervisors or managers believe that they can be acquitted from doing a crime just because they hold a high position within a well-known business. This is where these people are wrong, since the justice system is impartial and would prosecute anyone who commits acts against its provisions.

More than this, employees should realize that for them to be protected from possible acts of disability discrimination, they must first know what the law states. To aid them, here is the simplified definition of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA):

This act states that it is against the law to discriminate an applicant or an employee with a disability. One of the agencies tasked to implement this is the EEOC. Some of the establishments where the EEOC disallows cases of discrimination include the following:

  • Public locations
  • State and local government services
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication

Disability discrimination is likely to happen within populous and urban areas. One of this is Los Angeles in California. A worker who resides in this area can contact the services of a Los Angeles workplace discrimination lawyer. This person could ensure that his or her clients are equipped with the right knowledge and evidences to prove the violations done by the company.