Patterns for the Activity of Sexual Harassers

Patterns for the Activity of Sexual Harassers

News reports coming from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) affirmed some cases of sexual harassment from the previous months. Once case was that of the Hal Leonard Publishing Company. This music printing company from Winona Minnesota has agreed to settle a case of sexual harassment committed by a former employee to female co-workers. They have agreed to pay $150, 000 to settle the claim.

According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is defined as the unwelcomed sexual advances, comments, request for sexual favors and actions that are sexual in nature. The term unwelcomed is crucial in the definition since it indicates a technicality.

Proponents of this provision fully understand that there is a possibility that the victim would be compelled to do the sexual acts as a condition of employment. To prevent harassers from using this as an advantage to justify their sexual acts, “unwanted” is added to show that the victim did not like what was being done to him or her. This mere dislike toward such advances is already ground for sexual harassment.

In addition, through the long years of handling cases like these, the EEOC had already found a pattern for the activity of the harassers. These include the following premises:

  • The victim of harassment had subjected themselves to the acts because such had been used as a condition for their employment.
  • Employees who refuse to be subjected to the harassers’ advances might lose their respective jobs.
  • Refusing the acts of the harasser can affect, or be the basis for, certain employment decisions
  • One of the long term effects of sexual harassment is a hostile, disgusting, and threatening working environment

Most of the cases of sexual harassment take place in locations where there are a lot of businesses or industries. One such place is the city of Los Angeles in California.

Accordingly, employees should be vigilant in dealing with such problem that they might encounter in the future. To help them with survive such predicament, they should seek the help of a good Los Angeles employment lawyer.

This attorney would act as counsel to ensure that his or her client is on the right track once they file a complaint in court.