Work Environment as Factor on Employees’ Decision to Stay

Work Environment as Factor on Employees’ Decision to Stay

It is natural for a worker to resign from a job if he or she believes that the working environment there is not that good. Accordingly, a worker who feels that he or she is safe and is well provided with the proper accommodations fit for an employee would always opt to stay and perform well to compensate for what he or she was given.

However, not all employees are lucky enough to have landed in a company that has a good working environment. In fact, many employees often resign from their dream jobs because their respective workplaces are quite hostile.

Most of the time, employers, co-workers or customers are the ones to blame for this. Company owners are often the ones committing violations against their own workers. In fact, this kind of maltreatment, more commonly known as employment discrimination, is a cancer-like problem that afflicts populous areas like in the city of Los Angeles in California.

Employment discrimination is legally defined as not permitting certain individuals to apply, accept jobs or continue to work due to their gender race, age, height, weight, religion, disability, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity. Such cases happen at areas where there are a lot of business enterprises. To show the severity of such problem, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handled and gave as an example one particular case.

According to the EEOC news report dated May 10, 2012, Central Freight Lines Inc. agreed to pay a hefty $400,000 settlement to eight of its former dockworkers for an age discrimination lawsuit. It was stated through the complaint that the eight employees were terminated on August 31, 2007 due to their age. The said workers were aged 50 and above at the time of their termination.

Wrongful termination that stems from age discrimination is illegal and definitely against the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967. Therefore, companies who will be proven to have infringed these rulings will be subjected to heavy fines and utter humiliation, since the EEOC will publicize the case through a press release to be posted at their website.

Aside from these, the company will also be bound to comply with the terms set by the EEOC within a definite span of time. A sample of this is enforcing written policies about age discrimination, which the company does not have prior to the finding of the case. Additionally, any employee who feels discriminated should seek the assistance of a Los Angeles employment lawyer to confirm his or her assumptions and to formally file a complaint.


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