A Person with Disability’s Rights in the Workplace

A Person with Disability’s Rights in the Workplace

People with disabilities have been facing the tough, uphill battle of living a normal life in spite of their conditions. It is admirable to see these differently-abled people going all out to make the most of their lives given their limited capabilities. That is why for us normal people around them, we need to extend as much assistance as we could to help make things easier for them.


Long ago, the government, both federal and state governments, has already come up with measures that aim to give assistance to disabled people for their needs to help them be more productive with their jobs. In particular, the Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a federal law that requires employers to provide the necessary accommodations to their workers’ disabilities, unless such accommodations would cause undue hardship.


These accommodations mean changes to the work environment “in the way things are done customarily”, allowing a disabled person equal employment opportunities. These accommodations don’t only help the disabled employee get the job done. These also promote a positive workplace attitude, helping all employees, disabled or not, become more productive at work.


However, there are some employers that haven’t yet followed this legislation, leaving a differently-abled yet smart worker needing to exert additional effort just to get his or her job done. Worse, some of them even go against employing a disabled person which is a clear violation of labor laws.

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