What Makes your Termination Wrongful?

California has strict employment laws. In fact, a lot of people think that California employees are lucky for the state has a lot of laws that ensure that the rights of every employee is respected and upheld. For wrongful termination cases for example, a lot workers in California know very little about this particular charge and for this reason, most of them end up getting abused and their employers getting away with clear labor violations.

Wrongful Dismissal

What is Wrongful Termination?


There are four clear elements of wrongful termination and these are:


  • Discrimination. If one person is terminated with reasons that are discriminatory in nature, it can be considered a wrongful termination. If decisions to terminate a person depend on one’s race, religion, gender, age, marital status, nationality and pregnancy, it is an automatic case of wrongful termination.


  • Retaliation. Whistle-blowing employees face a lot of challenges while fighting for what they believe in. Most of them endure this situation which is just plain wrong. Any act against one who exposes truths in the workplace isn’t right. More so if one loses his work because one of his company’s officials was offended by his expose.


  • Breach of Contract. When one company terminates an employee that violates things stipulated in the contract, it is an automatic grounds for filing of wrongful termination cases. Both an employer and an employee should follow the things that are stipulated in the contract they agreed on. While an employee’s failure to comply can result into termination, the failure to comply by the employer automatically is a case of unlawful termination.


  • Termination from defamation of one’s character. When one is terminated because of reasons that cannot be proven but are only results of hearsays and gossiping, it can also be considered as a case for wrongful termination.


If you have been a victim of wrongful termination, one can seek the remedies offered by the various employment laws in California to get the reparation one deserves from being unlawfully terminated. To do that you will need the help of a good California wrongful termination lawyer. This lawyer would help you prepare the complaint, file the same, and come up with a strategy to ensure your win in the case.


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