Restaurant Owner Sued For Sexually Harassing Female Employees

Everybody just wants to have a source of livelihood.  Sources of income that will help them get by their everyday lives. Help them make both ends meet and buy them the things they need for everyday living. While some workplaces will let you do that without much fuss, there are workplaces where doing that is not as easy. Some colleagues, or supervisors in the workplace have the tendency of taking advantage of one worker, especially the female employees.

Threats to female employees

Female workers are the most prone individuals to harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Although laws mandating the fair treatment of women exist, there are still individuals who refer to women as “the weaker sex”. Despite the many contributions of women to society, some people tend to look down at women and take advantage of their weakness. One perfect example is the case that involves a female employee of a company that runs several Italian restaurants in the country. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued the company after a woman complained of sexual harassment and retaliation that she had gone through in her previous workplace. The restaurant owner allegedly subjected her and other female employees to unwelcome and offensive sexual harassment. The suspect was alleged to have touched the buttocks, lower backs and shoulders of the victim. Moreover, the suspect was said to have rubbed his genitalia against the buttocks of the female employees. Finally, the employer-suspect made comments about the bodies of the employees, calling them “hot”, “sexy”, other sexually suggestive remarks, sexual innuendos, and even asking for massages.

Fighting for women’s rights in the office

The EEOC, among other government agencies as well as California attorneys are working together to help stop these kinds of abuse. Agencies are implementing laws to prevent the abuse and harassment of women in the workplace. However, the fight can’t be won without victims surfacing and standing up for their rights. If victims won’t do something about the injustices done against them, they wouldn’t be able to stop such acts of harassment and abuse.

A California wrongful termination lawyer reminds the victims that they should immediately approach the authorities in the event that such abuse happens to you. By being courageous enough, and fighting for your rights, you will be able to get these abusive people liable for their actions and you will get the justice that you deserve.


Workplace Discrimination Poll Finds Most Favor Law Protecting Gays, Lesbians

With the recent ruling over DOMA on most state, I would assume that this case will become inevitable. Every Americans has the right to live peacefully in their state regardless of their gender. We are never born to discriminate. Instead, accept them and live with it. This is life, moved on and let it be. Instead of wasting your time discriminating other people, try to be productive on other aspect of YOUR life.
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