A Look at Workplace Discrimination Affecting Women

A Look at Workplace Discrimination Affecting WomenOver the years, from the district courts to the U.S. Supreme Court, numerous decisions have been made that protect women against various employment practices that are considered discriminatory. In effect, females are considered protected classes, and thus are afforded protection against discrimination in all aspects of employment, from hiring to termination. But despite the fight that women in the workplace have to do to recognize their rights over the last four to five decades, they continue to suffer discrimination.

When talking about workplace discrimination affecting women, it is not just about the harassment and assault that some female employees or applicants endure. It is also about the bias that women workers face, especially on account of industries that are predominantly male, as well as certain aspects of employment such as pay. Indeed, in today’s world, the female worker continues to seek parity within the workplace.

Why women get discriminated against in the workplace

For employers who engage in unfair employment practices, particularly in the hiring process, they see women as only capable of doing the work of a secretary, an administrative assistant, or any job position which is traditionally handled by a woman. In other words, they lean on what history dictates women should be doing in a typical office setting. These employers believe that they don’t have the necessary qualifications to perform jobs that are not traditionally handled by women, as well as give them the chance to earn higher pay than the pay they receive as secretaries.

Also there are employers who, despite hiring or promoting women to managers, supervisors, or any other related positions, prevent them from getting up higher into the top of the ladder. They believe that women aren’t suited for the role of becoming a chief executive officer (CEO) or any other related positions with increased responsibility and potential to influence other people within the organization. These employers believe that men are more suitable for such.

Equal pay?

Even with the existence of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which aims to abolish disparity on wages on account of sex, a lot of women continue to experience unfair treatment in the workplace on the aspect of pay. While there are women who perform jobs in almost all categories, they receive less than what their male counterparts earn with the same jobs in these categories. Some employers have this line of thinking wherein women, despite performing substantially the same roles and responsibilities as men do in certain jobs, are considered the “weaker sex,” thus the reason why women are paid less than their men.

What discriminated women employees need to do

The issue of gender in the workplace is still an ongoing issue that needs to be taken seriously. Women in the workforce have their rights, too, and given that they are protected against discrimination, they can always assert their rights if they think they have been subjected to actions that go against what the laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provide. As such, aggrieved female employees must be able to consider airing their grievances with their respective employers, and if the latter did nothing to address the situations, then female workers must consider seeking an expert Los Angeles employment lawyer who can help them establish claims of discrimination.

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What’s New for 2014? Employment Laws That You Should Know

In life, nothing but change is constant. No two things are ever the same and you have no choice but to keep up with these changes. Such is the same when it comes to employment laws. Every year, assemblymen and senators try to come up with amendments or new employment laws to promote the rights and welfare of every worker in California. And so, for you to be able to take advantage of these laws, you must first familiarize yourself with them so you can stand up and fight for your rights whenever there is a need for it.


Here is a list of the new employment and labor laws that were recently passed, signed into law, and are set to be implemented:


Paid Family leave Rights Amendment. This amendment, once enacted, will give workers up to six weeks of wage replacement benefits. Now, workers will have time off to take care of a seriously ill child, spouse, parent, domestic partner, or to bond with a newborn, or a child that has been recently placed through adoption or foster care. Employees who need time to care for sick siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, as well as parents-in-law are now allowed to take paid leaves of absence through this amendment.


Minimum Wage Increase. When enacted, this law will raise the minimum wage of every employee in California from the current $8.00 per hour to $9.00 per hour in July 1, 2014. Furthermore, the increased minimum wage will again be increased to $10.00 per hour beginning January 1, 2016. However, this increase does not just apply to nonexempt workers, but the people who work under the administrative, professional and executive exemptions in California.


Changes in the Definition of Sexual Harassment. According to this new law, sexual harassment now doesn’t have to be motivated by sexual desire. While this may make the definition of sexual harassment a bit difficult to understand, it offers new protection to people who have been sexually harassed.


Protections for victims of crimes. Under the new law, discrimination against victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, and now, includes stalking victims. Additionally, employers are now required to reasonably accommodate victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking by allowing these people to attend court proceedings for their on-going cases.


Protections for Immigrants. Immigrant workers who report about labor code violations will now have protections under Assembly Bill 263. According to this law, immigrants who have complaints cannot be reported to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for this is considered an “unfair immigration-related practices”.


Amendment to the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Under Assembly Bill 556, military and veteran status becomes a protected category. This means that veterans and military people are now protected against discrimination, just like those people with different race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, and sexual orientation.


Now that these new employment and labor laws are being implemented, there would be better protections for the average Joe and Jane who work hard every day to earn a decent living. If you ever fall victims to these new laws, do not hesitate to stand up and fight for your rights. You should immediately hire a good employment or labor lawyer to help you with your claims. Thanks to these new laws, you are now more protected, better than ever, against abuse, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace.



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Admission of a Transgender Professor Shocks California School Administrators

Schools are institutions that are expected to guide children. They don’t just teach kids academic stuff that makes them equipped to take on the world when they grow up. These institutions, serve as our children’s second home, teaching them the importance of many values on how to be good citizens of the nation. Respect is one of those important values that kids must be taught. Respect can make one humble, responsible, loving, and understanding. This very important trait can help people better accept people for who they are and what they believe in even if it is against ours.


An educational institution teaches good manners and the right conduct to young kids. Preventing discrimination is one of those values. However, how can one parent believe that your children will get the right values if the very institution that is expected to teach them what’s right can’t practice such virtues? In Azusa, California, a professor from a local Christian College is about to lose his job after coming out that he is a transgender.


Adam Ackley has been a systematic theology professor at the Azusa Pacific University for 15 years now. He has been known in the private Christian college as “Heather” – until he made the big reveal, According to him, while he has struggled for years living as a married woman, he now divulges his true sexuality, that he was a transgender man and that he is now going through a painful divorce process.


Ackley, has decided to let APU know about his plans for a legal name change but school officials fear that his true identity and sexuality may have an effect on future admissions and donations that the school might receive. The school released a statement that this matter is being discussed to ensure that all parties will be “treated with dignity and respect”, making it a “confidential matter”. However, Ackley believes that he might be replaced soon, leaving his students in tears, devastated.


Legal implications


As for APC, terminating the services of Ackley, just because of his sexuality, is clearly a case of gender discrimination in the workplace. According to a Los Angeles lawyer, discriminating against one person because of his or her gender is a clear violation of labor laws in the state. If a person becomes a victim of such injustice, he or she can file a complaint to make an institution liable for such acts of injustice. And so, the students of the school, their parents, the LGBT community, and everybody else will be eagerly waiting for APC’s decision. Will they do the right thing and decide based on their conscience?

LGBT Community Celebrates Over Historic Court Decision

In this day and age, members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community are widely accepted in different sectors of society. However, this does not mean that they are completely safe from different kinds of discrimination based on their gender. That is why the government has put in place anti-discrimination laws to help protect every worker in America from different kinds of abuse and discrimination.


Transgender victory

The courts made history as it made a ruling in favor of a transgender plaintiff. Mia Macy, a transgender woman filed discrimination charges against one federal contractor in Maryland after she has been discriminated because of her gender. According to Macy, she applied for a job and got notified that she would be receiving a position at the company’s laboratory. However, after disclosing that she would be transitioning from a male to a female, the company later on said that the position for her was cut. Not long after, she received information that the job was awarded to somebody else.


LGBT community celebrations

Tico Almeida, president of the LGBT organization “Freedom to Work” lauded this historic decision by the courts, proving that transgender people like everybody from all genders are equally protected by the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. He added that this is the first time that a case of anti-transgender harassment was investigated where a court ruling was made in favor of the transgender employee. This is a landmark victory for the LGBT community as this proves that you should not let yourself fall victims to these kinds of discrimination as the laws and the courts will be there to defend poor victims to uphold and fight for their rights.


In California, employment discrimination has no place in the workplace. That is because the state has many employment and labor laws to protect the rights of every worker in the state. So if you have been a victim of such forms of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, you should consult a lawyer in California and prepare a discrimination claim against those who violated your rights. People, no matter what their gender preference is, deserve the same amount of respect as everybody. That is why you should be the first person to defend and protect your rights against those who plan to trample on it.

Restaurant Owner Sued For Sexually Harassing Female Employees

Everybody just wants to have a source of livelihood.  Sources of income that will help them get by their everyday lives. Help them make both ends meet and buy them the things they need for everyday living. While some workplaces will let you do that without much fuss, there are workplaces where doing that is not as easy. Some colleagues, or supervisors in the workplace have the tendency of taking advantage of one worker, especially the female employees.

Threats to female employees

Female workers are the most prone individuals to harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Although laws mandating the fair treatment of women exist, there are still individuals who refer to women as “the weaker sex”. Despite the many contributions of women to society, some people tend to look down at women and take advantage of their weakness. One perfect example is the case that involves a female employee of a company that runs several Italian restaurants in the country. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued the company after a woman complained of sexual harassment and retaliation that she had gone through in her previous workplace. The restaurant owner allegedly subjected her and other female employees to unwelcome and offensive sexual harassment. The suspect was alleged to have touched the buttocks, lower backs and shoulders of the victim. Moreover, the suspect was said to have rubbed his genitalia against the buttocks of the female employees. Finally, the employer-suspect made comments about the bodies of the employees, calling them “hot”, “sexy”, other sexually suggestive remarks, sexual innuendos, and even asking for massages.

Fighting for women’s rights in the office

The EEOC, among other government agencies as well as California attorneys are working together to help stop these kinds of abuse. Agencies are implementing laws to prevent the abuse and harassment of women in the workplace. However, the fight can’t be won without victims surfacing and standing up for their rights. If victims won’t do something about the injustices done against them, they wouldn’t be able to stop such acts of harassment and abuse.

A California wrongful termination lawyer reminds the victims that they should immediately approach the authorities in the event that such abuse happens to you. By being courageous enough, and fighting for your rights, you will be able to get these abusive people liable for their actions and you will get the justice that you deserve.

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Explained

Racial Discrimination Act in United States

Let’s Stop Racism!

Most people think about living the American dream. Leaving their countries to go to the United States and start their career in the country. After getting their jobs though and have settled in the country, that is when they realize how life is for immigrants in the US. What’s worse is that they tend to become victims of racial discrimination by the natives. In fact discrimination in the workplace has been going on since time immemorial.

The long fought battle against discrimination
African Americans and people from other different races have been continuously fighting against discrimination. This includes especially those that are currently working and residing in the United States. However, there have been recorded incidences of discrimination despite the many laws passed and implemented by the government.

What are the legislations that are aimed to fight discrimination in the workplace?
So far, the most prominent legislation is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under this law, no employer or co-employee can be discriminated against in the workplace based on his race or color. This doesn’t just apply to workers but also to the applicants of a company. Furthermore, this law prohibits discriminatory decision about a personnel’s potential promotion, layoff or other job actions against one’s color or race.

How are these laws enforced?
There are agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is where employees can report incidents of discrimination that they experience in their respective workplaces. Through the agency, the Civil Rights Act is implemented and these reports and the respective companies are investigated, cases are filed, and these complaints are tried. The EEOC has managed to get a lot of individuals, employers, and companies held liable for various acts of discrimination against their workers.

What are the challenges that lie ahead in the fight against racial discrimination?
A Los Angeles discrimination attorney shared that though there have been amendments made to remedy the loopholes of the existing laws, more tweaks on the various employment laws should be done to improve the effectiveness of these laws. These he believes will be beneficial in ensuring that the fight against discrimination succeeds.

So if you have been a victim of such injustice in the workplace, act quickly and talk to a lawyer. This way, you will be able to file a case against the people that have been discriminating against you.