Filing Discriminatory Charges: How EEOC Can Help?

Filing Discriminatory Charges How EEOC Can Help

The government created several laws in hopes of maintaining harmony between workers and their respective employers, as well as in ensuring the strict observance of the most important employment rights.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the agency that was set to enforce such laws; as well as the concerns of people in the labor division. Among the major problems that are often responded to by this agency are allegations of employment discrimination.

Discrimination is defined as the prejudice experienced by a person coming from a different nationality, age (40 years old and above), race, color, gender (pregnancy issues), and even religious preference.

If the victim wants to pursue legal charges against the offending party, it is important to formally file a complaint at the EEOC office. It will allow the complainant to be given proper assistance, and for the complaint to be addressed properly and timely.

After making a complaint, the EEOC will conduct an assessment and an investigation to verify the claim. Here is the series of further actions the EEOC will conduct:


  • Mediation – After the complaint, both parties will be asked to settle the problem. A negotiator will be present in this phase in order to ensure that authorities are neutral towards the case.
  • Investigation – If both parties do not come up with a settlement, the complaint will be sent to the investigators. They will then collect relevant information needed for the case, and will conduct necessary probing.
  • Notice of Right to Sue – If the investigators see that there is nothing wrong with the company and that they do not see any violation, the company will be sent a Notice of Right to Sue. It means that the company being complained is allowed to file a counter complaint.
  • Voluntary settlement – If violation is proven, the EEOC will contact the employer and make settlement offers. If negotiation will not work, the case will be forwarded to a higher federal concerned agency for proper actions.

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